Movies to watch before you die:  The Fall (2006)

You always stop at the same part, when it’s very beautiful. Interesting.

My confession is, I cried during The Sound of Music. But then so did my dad.

- Lee Pace (via dileestrade)


The New World Geebird & Bamby

The New World" revisits anonymous places of the 20th century. It is set in a time characterized by the conflict of Modernist and Postmodernist convictions, its influence on later 20th century history, and ultimately, the world we live in today. 

On a formal level, this conflict defines the aesthetics of the collection. The interrelation of rational graphic design and anonymous photorealism reflects the contrast of manmade ideals and the acceptance of life in chaos. “The New World" is shaped by an original set of rules, metrics and processes. This enables the revelation of eclectic utopias that, for better or worse, withhold the definition of a photograph."

Middle-earth has been good to us. And let’s hope we’ve been good for Middle-earth.

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Anna Friel with Lee Pace and Richard Armitage at Richard’s play The Crucible via


Claire Harkess(Scottish)

Langur’s Tail    2014   watercolour, ink

Langurs at Bandhavgarh, India    2013   ink

Fulmar iii, St Kilda    watercolour 






The cute little monk in Xichan Temple, Fuzhou, southeast China’s Fujian Province.


Lee Pace’s makeup transformation into Ronan the Accuser in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Photos from Disney courtesy of hair and makeup designer Lizzie Georgiou. You can check out more of her work here.



Having some “me time” is very important in order to keep you relaxed and confident in yourself.

Photos via Photogenic Felines